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Since Tumblr forbid pornography, there has been an influx of crazy tumblerinas towards twitter, and the amount of insane hot take tweets have increase exponentially. Before, the normies (or willfully ignorant feminists) claimed it was not true that hate for whites, men, heterosexuals or “cisgenders” was on the rise, cause it was mostly done on Tumblr or games journalism, where they couldn’t see it, but now that social media is filled by this open hate, they can’t deny it anymore. These absolute insane takes, openly hating on people for just being white or a male, openly asking for discimination of certain collectives, openly blaming them for all evil in the world; takes that, if done towards blacks, gay or women, would be deemed the most bigoted comment of the century, usually get hundreds of thousands of likes, showing that yes, hate for whites, men, heteros and cis is quite on the rise, and totally normalized. I’ve seen tweets with comments about these groups on a line that i hadn’t seen for minorities or gays in more than a decade, and yet they’re considered totally normal and get tons of likes.

By this point, it has practically become a meme because these takes are practically clones of each other. In a, quite fitting, NPC fashion, these takes use all the same rethoric and structure, could be interchangeable on the identity group they attack, they all get a ton of likes, and they’re always followed by a tweet on the line of “wow the dudebros in the comments” to deflect the criticism of their retarded take as just “dudebros”, and another tweet shilling whatever unrelated product they try to sell.

And yes, i know lots of those likes are bots. I’ve used the sites that count the number of bots a twitter account is using and the numbers are absurdly high; and even without using those sites, it’s very obvious when you notice that many of those tweets come from accounts with about a hundred followers, and after days and hundreds of thousands of likes they gain almost no new followers; but even so, the numbers or real people are high enough so there cannot be any possible defense of the idea that “hate to whites/men/heteros/cis doesn’t exist”.

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