It has been a looong time since i last inserted myself into a comic, but this one was calling for it as it speaks of my personal experience. I seem to live in this tiring duality in which i have to see every day hordes of people saying the most hateful and stupid things one can imagine regarding wokeness, and then also have hordes of people telling me that the first group doesn’t exist and no one has ever, EVER, said or even thought anything like that, despite these takes getting hundreds of thousands of likes on social media.

I have to face people telling me i’m worrying about petty things because there are only a couple of crazies with no power saying these things, despite seeing wave after wave of newspapers and media writing articles blaming whites, men or heterosexuals for everything under the sun (click here and swipe to see a lot of examples), and despite governments passing laws that follow these crazy ideas (especially in my country, Spain, where there are laws against men and the government tries to pass similar laws for other identities).

I have to face people telling me that my comics are strawmans, despite most of my comics being literally quoting things that someone has literally said in real life, as if somehow the fact that they don’t agree with the quote means that the quoted person doesn’t exist, or that the quote getting hundreds of thousands of likes somehow doesn’t mean that all those people agree with the quote.

I’m sorry but the time to try to gashlight people into thinking these crazies and this crazy ideas don’t exist has long passed. That is something that you coud have done; and indeed many did; in 2014 when the cultural war started and there weren’t so many people warning about this nor so many crazies in the open. At that time you could have argued that this was a small thing. You would have been wrong in not worrying, because our argument was never “it’s a problem now” but rather “if this isn’t stopped now, it will be an unstopabble problem in the future”. But at least i could have believe you were sincere when saying you never saw it, or that you thought this would be confined to places like Evergreen.

Now at 2020? Not a chance.

Twitter has become an absolute minefield. You can see this tweets every day, getting to insane numbers of likes. You can see people cancelled every day for the most minor shit, or even no shit at all. You can see anti white, male, or heterosexual media articles all the fucking time. This is not a couple of idiots with no followers writing some dumb shit that almost no one gives a like and gets ratioed. This is a constant stream of people; often famous personalities with huge followings; saying the most insane or hateful things and getting a hugely possitive reception, and the media, education, entertainment and governments completely bowing to those ideas and taking them to real life, in what is now being called “the evergreening of america”. There’s no way in hell that at 2020 someone who passes some time on the internet haven’t seen this trend. At this point i have to believe that whoever tries to make the argument that this is nonexistant, or not a problem, is either in denial because they don’t want to admit they were wrong (and many people have admited they were wrong on this), or they’re being willfuly ignorant so they can gashlight people into thinking they’re crazy and this isn’t happening.

So if you’re one of those people and come to my comics to shout “strawman” or “no one thinks that” or “this isn’t a problem”, you now know why i’m not gonna take you seriously.

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