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There have been some Tumblr comics going around in social media recently about different social issues, like women as protagonists in media, all of them in typical “tumblr style” art and “tumblr style” argumentation, meaning a strawmans with things that no one has ever said, or that even refute themselves. So i felt like doing a comic parody emulating the Tumblr style.

Tumblr comics are already infamous because they all look practically the same. They’re all done with very bad drawing quality, humans bodies been amorphous blobs, with saturated pink colors, big colored noses that make it seem as if everyone has a cold, lineart lacking on thickness variance, and little to no shadows, usually with very bad narrative composition and lots of negative tropes. All signs that the people doing them either have no knowledge of drawing and are trying to hide it under the guise of “style”, or they have no artistic personality and just all copy the exact same style, in some kind of artistic hive mind; or both of those at the same time. Whatever the case, it has been kind of a challenge to draw so badly. I’ve had to be turning off my brain continously when it tried to make me fix all of the problems with faces, bodies, colors, etc. Granted we all have comic pages we have done quickly and lack quality, but with Tumblr is not an exception due to time constraints; it’s their base drawing style, and is no wonder it has become hated all over the internet.

It’s also no wonder because those drawings, with some exceptions, usually are acompanied by “Tumblr ideology”; the one composed of radical feminism and overal extreme wokeness that makes them despise men, whites, heterosexuals and promote the most crazy ideas. In lieu with that, some of those comics claim that men don’t want women as protagonists in media, because they’re sexist; or that there weren’t women in media till very recently; or that media that focused on preaching wokeness has been very succesful. None of those things are true. Women have been protagonists on media since forever, and there have never been a problem with it. These people simple erase from history all of the women in movies, series, videogames, etc, and pretend that every new female lead is the first time in history that it has happened. Prime example of that is Wonder woman/Captain Marvel. WW was presented by feminists as the first time a female superhero had a movie, or the first time a female had a lead in a movie, or even the first female superhero ever; then as the movie didn’t push feminism, men liked it, but feminists forgot about it, and now Captain Marvel is the first female superhero lead ever, as if WW had never existed.

People don’t care about female leads; they care about bad writing, and how there are some media that focuses on preaching to people what they should think, or how bad they are cause they’re men, or white, instead of trying to make a good story, and that affects the end product. We saw it with Ghostbusters, which ended up been a horrible movie, total failure in sales, like most of “woke” products, because it focused on belittling men and “girl power” instead of been a Ghostbusters movie. Then journalists and feminists tried to sell the idea that people didn’t like the movie cause they were sexist. Nothing to do with the movie been bad. Star wars has a huge drop in quality, horrible plot and execution, and fucks the existing lore with The last jedi, to instead preach against capitalism and promote Mary sue female leads? No, no, everyone who doesn’t love Rey is a misoginist, there’s no other possible reason.

And the same will happen with Captain Marvel. The movie is already been promoted as a feminist film; trailers are presented with the idea that men are sexist, and the women are gonna show men who’s the better sex! the lead actress is throwing bullshit left and right about who are allowed to review or enjoy the movie. We don’t know yet if the movie will be a bad shit that focuses on preaching instead of quality, or if this is just a horrible marketing strategy, but there’s no doubt that they’re hinting at the first, and anyone who points it out is been called a sexist. Meanwhile, Alita Battle angel is on theaters at almost the same time, and men are loving it (even if i don’t like it, cause it’s badly adapted form the source manga). Could it be, maybe, that men don’t care about a female lead, and will enjoy the movie if it’s simply an action movie who wants to entertain, instead of telling them how bad they are cause they’re men?

No, it’s the children who are wrong.

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