(Versión española)

Gillette did an ad that has become, at the moment of writting this, the 5th most disliked video in youtube. The ad itself isn’t THAT bad; it’s the typical corporate “let’s be all kind to each other” ad, but it makes clear from the beginning that they’re promoting the feminist idea that masculinity is toxic, in a time when people are already tired of been told that some born immutable characteristics as the root of all evil and can be shamed and mocked, while offending others an make you lose your job.

The company was probably fooled into thinking that feminism was the idology that dominated society, when in reality it only gives that impression cause it controls the media, and that by going woke they would win money with those male feminist allies. But as it often happens, feminsits are not gonna buy a product for caving to their ideology, and long time consumers will be alienated an leave. A classical story of “get woke go broke”.

Or maybe i’m downplaying it because i live in Spain, the most feminist country in the world, where feminism dominates the institutions and is promoted in full force by the government, the media and the companies, so this kind of ad is like low level compared to what i usually see, but maybe it’s a big deal for the US.

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