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The Last of Us 2 has come out, and apparently it has a sex scene in which you can clearly see everything as if it was an amateur porn movie, and it also seems it may be a self insert from the director, Neil Druckmann. Now, i don’t have a problem with this itself. I’m a hentai artist, and i’ve always found stupid that entertainment can be as violent and extreme as they want, but even a little cleavage is forbidden. I would like if sexual depictions in games become more acceptable.

I also don’t care anything about TLoU2. I played the first and found the gameplay average but decent, and the story very basic, forgetteable and with a dumb ending. I can’t understand the people who treat that game as the Mona Lisa of videogames, and as such i can’t understand the people who are angry that the story of the second one is bad; for me, TLoU is not a game you play for the story. It being bad should be something you already asume and just play for the gameplay if you like it.

But i do care about the double standard that this showcases for Sony. Since Sony changed their base of operations to the US, they’ve been continously censoring Japanese games for the most minor sexual infractions. Just a character showing a little cleavage or a skirt is enough to make Sony axe the content of your game. They even censored the logo of Omega Laberynth W, which was just an “W” rounded up to look like boobs. They’ve gone way over the top censoring games that are even slightly sexual. And yet, The Last of Us 2 has a LITERAL PORN SCENE but that’s ok.

I’m sorry but i don’t want to read anyone trying to defend Sony censorship anymore; the argument has become invalid. And it’s very funny to me that the same gaming sites that tend to drop the score of games just because the characters are sexy; the same ones that defend Sony’s censorship; are the same that are giving this game Perfect scores. Sigh.

Oh and if you’re gonna come with some of those dumb “oh you’re mad for anime tiddies”, you haven’t understood shit of what is the problem here, and you’ll cry one day when it touches your favourite thing.

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