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It’s seriously becoming very difficult to do satire; reallity quickly surpass anything i can come up with. Since it’s almost impossible to convey a point about something as complex as politics and ideologies in just 2-4 panels (jeez, it’s usually difficult to do it even with long articles), political comics use simplification and hiperbole to make a point. But in the recent years i’ve found out that no matter the hiperbole i can come up with, someone in real life does it and even goes beyond it. The same could be said about the satiric memes and videos i see on the internet; they’re quickly surpassed by real life.

This time, it happened with the Barcelona terrorist attack. Years ago i saw several satiric videos and jokes that portrayed the police not been able to use “dark skin” to describe a fugitive. I even saw a guy who went to a group of liberal art students and asked them to identify a black guy to the police, and they were unable to say “black skin”. As you probably know, recently Barcelona was hit by a terrorist attack by Van ramming, and stopped a second one just some hours after that. Twitter was filled with questionable comments of all kinds and sides; from people who weren’t smart enough to wait to make dark humor jokes (krillin! too soon!); to people using the opportunity to express hate for Catalonians (a complex internal fight in Spain due to Catalonia trying to become independent; essentially, Spanish brexit) and vice versa; to people using it to push their politics, or making the so called “victim blaming” by virtue signaling that Spain is to blame for the attack for not accepting more refugees or because we are xenophobes (Spoiler: the terrorists are to blame); to even people questioning why the police had to shoot the terrorists down, while they were ramming people with their van (facepalm).

But the one that wins the price for retardation was this tweet from the Human rights foundation, telling the police to not say “dark skin” when they were describing the terrorist fugitive, so people could identify him and help catch him. People procedeed to roast their ass to infinitum, while they blocked everyone left and right.

When even the most ridiculous satires are surpassed like this in real life, we can say satire is dead.

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