This is not in reference to Transexuals; this is in reference to the people who put pronouns in their Twitter bio for ideological reasons and then go on to hate men, heterosexuals, whites, cis, or any woman and minority who don’t subscribe to their ideology. These people are creating a dangerous relationship between having pronouns in their bio and been complete retards. Which in turn will create a relationship between been LGBT and been a complete retard. This is not a suposition; it’s already happening; having pronouns in the bio is already a known meme for not saying anything worthwhile. And in most cases these people aren’t Trans, or even lgbt, they’re just puting pronouns there to virtue signal how “woke” and “tolerant” they are, and precisely that virtue signal is what makes them say all that stupid shit and do more harm than good to the real Trans and lgbt people, who are not idiots and don’t want anything to do with them.

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