The last jedi a bad movie, and i don’t mean it because all of the stupid unrealistic stuff on it; i mean, all SW movies are unrealistic and stupid but we just use suspension of disbelief and enjoy the action. It was bad because it was boring, has a lot of unnecesary parts, badly writen characters, superman Leia, bad dialogues, it contradicts itself, it pissess on established characters, unremarkable villain, superman Leia, it obviously tries to push politics and forced diversity in a movie that should be just about enjoying lightsaber fights, Mary sue protagonist, have i talked about superman Leia? and of course we have some media trying to create the narrative that the only possible reason for the bad scores the movie has is an alt right conspiracy because every person who doesn’t like the movie can only possibly be a radical right winger; how else could you not like it?

Well, whatever, as with any bad movie, we just do a lot of memes that will remain. In my case i couldn’t help but to think about Justin Trudou in this horrible scene.

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