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Every day that passes it gets harder to differenciate the far religious right from the far social justice left. They seem to look for the exact same thing, with the exact same rethoric, and the same problems, they just change the topic. More than a decade ago, when i did my hentai drawings, i had to worry about religious people calling them “immoral” or talking about how they would hurt the children. Now, i don’t hear the religious people complaining anymore, and instead is the social justice crowd the ones who call me “immoral” or talk about how my drawings can hurt the womenz. Both sides are esentially dogmatic. They have a set of beliefs for which they have no proof, and they require Faith to think they are true; in one case is God; in the other is social theories, like patriarchy or the existance of dozens of genders. Both sides think they are moraly superior; ones because they are doing what God commands and will go to heaven; the other ones because they are “on the right side of history”, doing social justice (though most of the time is just virtue signal). Both sides deny science; ones claiming that the earth is only a few thousand years old and evolution doesn’t exist; the other ones denying any biological differences between men and women, or claiming that someone can be a third sex or even a dog or a dragon.

I think i have never seen horseshoe theory as strongly evident as it is today. We have reached a point where, being someone with more left ideas than right ones, i have more fear for far left leaders than far right ones, because they can commit the same horrors, while thinking they are doing the right thing because they are on the left. I’m more worried about left wingers coming to my site than right wingers, because the left ones are the ones who cause problems; they are the ones who try to take me down for doing sexy drawings or having the wrong opinions; they are the ones sending messages to my ad services so they stop giving me service; they are the ones sending messages to the conventions where i go, telling them lies so they don’t give me a platform; they are ones writing articles about me, acusing me of shit that’s only on their minds and can end someones career; they are the ones trying to get big companies to sue me because of fanarts. Nothing of that has ever being done to me by the religious right, the ones who are suposedly the puritans against sexual representations, or the intolerant ones.

So, i think that “religious left” is a term that fits this people as well, if not more, than regressive left.

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