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When “Horizon Zero Dawn” was announced at E3, the gamer community was completely hyped by it, since it looked cool as fuck. Then the game journalists and feminists came out to show us their “extensive” knowledge about videogames, writing comments and articles claiming that there were almost no female protagonists in videogames (something that as someone who always plays the female character I can say is completely opposite to reality), that there was the first time in a E3 with multiple female characters (something that was completely disproven) and I even saw some people claiming there was no female protagonists in videogames before that E3…

As time passed, info about Horizon became worrisome. Reviews about the game talked extensively about how “feminist” and “progressive”, or “woke” the game was, because it had a female protagonist (further suggesting that there are no female protagonists in videogames prior to Horizon…), and praising it because the males are all portrayed as bad people or useless (in the same way they did with the ghostbusters movie) and because it shows a victory of the matriarchy, while at the same time they talked very little, or nothing at all, about gameplay.  When gamers pointed out they wanted to know about the game, and not its politics, they were branded as sexist. This went on and on, including a streaming in 4chan of the game thanks to a leak,  till a portion of gamers decided to cancel preorders or not buy the game because of fear of it being a low quality game, used by gaming media to virtue signal their politics. If the game is good or bad I don’t know, but the reasons of gamers to not play it are based on quality, not because of a “female protagonist”, but that’s how the gaming media has portrayed it: gamers who don’t want female protagonists in games.

The funniest thing about this, is that Horizon release date is 28 of February, and the 10 or march is the release date of Nier automata. The protagonist of the game, a woman, has been receiving huge ammounts of fanart, fancomics and praise since many months before release, and gamers are very hyped to play her. That fact should be enough to dismantle any notion that the gaming community doesn’t want female protagonists, yet the gaming media and feminists are completely silent about this game, as if it didn’t exist, and instead focus on how sexist gamers are for not playing Horizon.

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