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I hate when people make these kind of comments, not only because tons of times the artist is a woman, but because they pretend that renown hentai artists with lots of years behind them don’t actually know how to draw because their sexy girls are unrealistic. We fucking KNOW they aren’t, we just DON’T CARE. We give preference to make the girl as sexy as possible regardless if it’s real or not, we will modify the boobs and the entire body as we please, and we will make the clothes fit in whatever way we feel empathices the curves more, that’s fucking it.

Another thing i find stupid is that most of the time, whenever someone complains that something is “unrealistic” or “imposible” it actually is perfectly realistic and possible. I’ve witnessed tons of cases of someone attacking an artist for a body or a pose, only for the artist to share the reference they used, of a girl what exact body or pose. It has happened to me as well. If anyone knows how to draw the female form it’s precisely those who draw it day and night, and we don’t cease to know because we prefer to draw a figure that you don’t have because you ate an artist.

But the cherry on the cake is the “have they ever seen a real woman” comment, first because it tries to stablish a connection between being a virgin and not knowing how to draw (¿?), which is hillarious because this is often said by feminists who then complain about “toxic masculinity” but then go on to promote the idea that the value of a man is defined by how many chicks he fucks; and secondly because of the complete absurdity of thinking that because someone hasn’t had sex, that means they have been somehow unable to go to arts school to learn anatomy, or to go to google and do a search for naked women for reference…

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