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Cancel culture apologists are psychopaths, no other way around it. There’s no way that at (current year) people still thinks cancel culture is not happening. We have a a trending cancellation atempt of someone or something practicaly every day, and it’s almost always some stupid, mild or even non-existant shit that wouldn’t deserve even 1/100th of the reaction and consequences that derive from it. The people who say “it doesn’t exist” perfectly know it does, and that it’s a widespread problem, but they don’t care because they’re in the side doing the cancellations, and they WANT to do it. They thrive for the thrill that gives them to accuse someone or something of some hyperbolic shit and be succesful in making them fired, doxxed, the product cancelled, etc. They want to virtue signal and prompt themselves up as moraly superior than everyone else, because they were the ones who “informed” of most “offenders”.

I despise this people. And i say this without the usual humorous hyperbole. They’re basically modern day Stasi informants, and they would have no doubt be literal Stasi or KGB informants in those times. By defending Cancel culture they make clear that the would have formed part of the worse members of society in any of the darkest parts of our history; they’re simply relegated to cancel culture because those darker methods are not yet avaliable, but no doubt they would use them if the occasion arised. As such, i treat them as i would treat a Stasi. And i don’t negotiate with terrorists.

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