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Tifa’s new design was revealed at E3 2019, and it triggered the usual suspects who complain everytime a female character is not ugly. Especially in places like ResetEra, which is somehow managing to beat Gamerghazi for the place of worse forum on the internet.

The issue about “woke” people and boobs is even funnier when you consider that the people who try to shame you for liking a character with decent boobs are the same who will try to shame you for liking a character with small boobs cause, acording to them, that’s pedophilia. The same that they can’t contemplate the possibility of real life women having larger than average boobs, they can’t contemplate the idea of real life women with small breasts. It’s as if in their minds there’s only ONE possible size of breasts in existance, and that size somehow implies you have to be overweight.

And that’s of course ignoring the absurdity of trying to use reality to argue about bodies in a videogame.

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