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This is what i think is the summary of 2015. There has been a lot of specific and relevant things this year, but i think that all of them have one thing in common, and that is that everytime someone has a dissenting opinion, or point of view, that the canonical, status quo, politically correct one, they are labeled as racists, or misogynysts, or homophobic, or transphobic, or whatever “ist” that the far left want’s to impose them to try to shame them into silence, and make virtue signalign for themselves. This is something that particulary pains me, because my ideas are definetly on the left, but i can’t help but to hate the way the left has acted through the year. I see people with points i agree with being absolutely hateful in the way the “discuss” them (because normaly what they do is not discuss, but to stop discussions); i see left wingers calling other left wingers “extreme right” simply because they are not 100% in agreement with them; i see progressives calling racist/misogynyst/etc to everyone who dares to raise a dissenting point in themes like inmigration, feminism, quotas, afirmattive action, parental rights, abortion, transexuals, (etc); i see people searching for ghosts everywhere, claiming that absolutely everything that they see is racist, or sexist.

In fact, i’ll be called a misogynyst, racist, homophobic, etc, for this comment, even if at no point i’ve said what are my opinions on inmigration, abortion, transexuals, (etc). And of course, the media goes hard into this attitude, promoting narratives and capitalizing on clicks for aggressive and biased articles.

And then it’s john cena.

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