It was a day like today two years ago that the Gamergate movement began as a reaction to bad gaming journalism, collusion and censorship. Looking in retrospective i don’t think it can be said it was just a consumer revolt about videogames. Gamergate were the first ones to rebel against a wave of political correctness and social justice insanity that was begining to consume everything it touched. We were the ones who identified the threat now known as the regressive left and served as spearhead for other people to join the cultural war. I think whatever succed or lack of succed one or another may argue we had in the gaming journalism scene pales in comparison to that. For me it was all worth it and succesful because now people has awakened to the insanity of the regressive left and is fighting back. Happy anniversary, Gamergate.

And if you like the drawing, there’s a T-shirt with it. Because i’m one of those sick artists who pretend to live of their trade.