(Versión española)

This is the final page for Monster Girls in Space. As you can see, it ends in a “it’s the end of this adventure but open to more of this world” way kinda like the first Star Wars movie did. In fact, during the process of creation of this comic i designed basically the whole setting. All the factions, the races, their ships, their cultural and technological differences, how i would introduce all characters from Monster Girls on tour, and what would the story beats be till they reached a final conclusion, which i’ve also thought of. But alas this was a One-shot, and as such it will end here. I have too many projects i want to develop so i can’t have several works going to the infinite. MGoT is enough for that.

As i explained in previous threads and videos, Saturday will now be taken up by “Sukeban and senpai” , which will be longer than MGiS, but way shorter than MGoT. I’ll also be working in another One-shot called “Shiny”, but it’ll be way shorter and i probably won’t publish it till it’s finished.

As my main comic Monster Girls on Tour goes on i may share sometimes what things and characters would’ve appeared in the space version, and with what designs.

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