Guild adventure finally reachs its conclusion. It has been 5 years since i first did the first pages, not yet knowing about the difference between paper comic and webcomic, and with a story that was more an attempt to laugh at typical shonen conventions than a real epic story; Guild adventure is just a small part on a bigger story, a one week (thats the whole time that passed in the comic) adventure from an unconventional protagonist group. Since then i’ve learned a lot about making comics specifically for internet consumption, i have developed a lot of setting, and created a bigger story that involves a lot of characters and events.

That story will unfold in the pages of my other comic, Monster girls on tour. MGoT is an absurd humor comic that keeps poking the same fun at shonen conventions than Ga did, but will expand on the world outside Potoka, the race relations and the war. If i keep doing it for as much time as i did with Ga, you’ll see many of the secrets of Robukan unfolded. What the essence really is? How Leviazan was created? What the empire is like? What is the origin of Slazs, Salamanders, Dwarves, etc? Those kind of stuff will get an asnwer there, as well as a lot of new characters with their own stories and adventures. So if you liked Ga, don’t stop reading, there’s much yet to come, and now MGoT will be published on Saturadys and Tuesdays.

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