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As i commented in a previous page, Polygon released a video with the first 30 minutes of Doom, and whoever was playing was so bad at it, that countless jokes arised through the internet. This was just poking some fun at them, but then the media began to publish a miriad of articles (with just hours or a day of difference, much like the “gamers are dead” articles) about how “git gud” mentality is ruining gaming, defending the idea that game journalists don’t need to know about games in order to review them… Seriously. This people are seriously defending the idea that someone doesn’t need to know about something in order to write about it. They don’t knew to have a minimum knowledge about the topic they write about in order to work at a place related to that topic. Do we conceive that a sports journalist can work in a sports tv program or magazine without having knowledge of sports? but it’s normal that game journalists don’t have knowledge of games?…

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