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The game Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was released, and of course the social justice warriors are complainin because it has some sexy characters like Pyra; and more intensely they’re crying about the character Dahlia (and using fake images for it), a rabbit warrior who has big boobs; and of course, the only possible explanation for a female character having big boobs is that the creators (and their audience) hate women! let’s ignore that the designer was a woman! let’s also ignore normal healthy sexual attraction! let’s ignore aesthetics! let’s ignore they’re imaginary characters who don’t exist! let’s ignore that Japan doesn’t have a puritanical tradition like the west, so they don’t see sexuality as negative! let’s ignore that only feminists see sexuality as evil, and in fact for the japanese sexuality is empowering! Nah, they just fucking hate women with a passion.

The funniest thing is that this kind of things speak more about the sexism of the social justice warriors than anything they accuse gamers of. Gamers don’t look at a female character and see “boobs”. We look at a character for their overal aesthetic, their personality, their story, their powers, etc. If the character is sexy, that’s just a bonus. The only ones who are unable to see beyond boobs are precisely Social justice warriors, who reduce those characters to only those characteristics, without realizing all of the other aspects that make a character loved by gamers. This is the same kind of retarded people who refused to play Nier automata, a game with an incredibly good plot, character development, music, battle, bosses, etc; and in my opinion the best game of the decade; just because the protagonist is sexy and that means the game must be shit. Really. They argued all day about “2b’s ass” and how that was misogynystic. Fuck, the game doesn’t even pan the camera once to 2b’s ass (it does it for the male villains tho 😉 ), but Sjw’s are unable to see more than that. They’re the ones who are obsessed with boobs and ass and can’t see any other characteristic of a woman. The fucking sexists.

Also, some sjw’s are complaining that some of the female characters are swords, and that means they’re “literally objects”, and that also proofs misogyny. Sure, because living weapons who turn into humans is something that has never been done in history, and never with males.

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