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The movie Avengers: infinity war came out and as almost any other superhero movie it performed well and was well received; except of course in some social justice circles, where nothing is never enough.

I myself find this kind of movie little else than 2 hours entertainment that i quickly forget about, but i do it based on narrative (lack of) quality, and not in bullshit irrelevant stuff like “it has too few lesbians”, which has been the complain of some people on twitter and some media, apparently encouraged by this hyperbolic tweet. Because apparently an action movie that has to fit several dozens (dozens, not hundreds) superheroes in the smallest space possible (and still got beyond the 2 hours lenght), should waste some of the time that fans want dedicated to super fights instead into showing queer characters been queer for no aparent or relevant reason. Even when i don’t like a dumb fight scene been injected with no other purpose than to see explosions (hello “drop the shields”, i’m talking to you), it’s still better than injecting a dumb queer scene for no other purpose than to appease a small group of perpetually offended.

On the other hand, i cannot help but to also mock the insane quantity of people who seem to be absolutelly blind to the most obvious stuff regarding the movie. We are going now into spoilers territory, although i honestly laugh at the idea that you can be spoiled of something in this kind of movie that you cannot just guess, but apparently for a lot of people it seems to be the case, because the internet is full of people surprised that Thanos wasn’t defeated in the FIRST of TWO movies. Like, really, what the fuck were you expecting? It’s the first of two parts; you though they were gonna beat him and the second one would be a 2 hours debate about the validity of his views?

Of course they fucking lose in the first movie. They have to set a climate of dread, of defeat, and then in the second part they bring back all of the dissapeared heroes and win. Oh but sorry, aparently a huge amount of people seem to think those heroes have really died. Sure. The heroes who have only recently appeared and have only one, or two movies are all gonna die before doing their 2nd-3rd movie, and the ones who have 3+ movies are the ones who survive. I’m sure Marvel has not set it this way so in the next one the old heroes will die getting the new ones back to life and pass the torch to the new generation. Yeah i’m sure that’s not the case. Spoiler!

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