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A few months ago, feminists in Spain tried to forbid women from working as grid girls in the spanish MotoGP, even when the grid girls defended the job. Now, it seems they’ve succeded in their ideological imposition, and the Formula 1 will not have grid girls, due to feminist pressure. This is another of the things that shows how modern feminism have nothing to do with equality or helping women, but instead just uses them for ideological purposes. In this case, they try to force their puritanism into everyone using women as a shield, when those same women are defending the job and calling them out in their bullshit. The common feminist argument of “women are free to do whatever they want with their bodies” is one that i, and probably most of the human population, support; but then you realize that for feminism that only applies for the things they like, but when it comes to working in sexy jobs, or doing erotica, or porn, or prostitution, or surrogate pregnancy, suddenly, for feminism, women shouldn’t be able to choose what to do with their bodies, and instead they have to do what feminists say. Because feminists are the possesors of absolute truth and every other woman is just an alienated idiot…which of course is not sexist at all! 🙂

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