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I wanted to make some final Triggerhappy comic for 2017, so i’ve go with some cute Lilian situation. It’s interesting how many people have told me they’ve come to like Lilian, who was created by Social justice warriors to fight against Gamergate, because of how i represent her in the comics. I bet that SJWs would say she’s only a sjw hyperbole, but in truth i’ve taken care to give her a more nuanced personality. I would says she’s kind of a political tsundere, who has very strong opinions when she repeats what she has been told by tumblerites, and refuses to openly admit her errors, but truly she’s not really lost and she silently acknowledges she may be wrong in her mind whe she’s challenged with the facts.

Anyways, have a nice 2018, and let’s see what the year has for all of the characters.

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