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This days the e3 2018 take place, and i was having a hard time deciding about what stupid that journalists and social justice warriors got triggered i would do my comic, but then i thought: why don’t just do it about ALL of them? I mean, this people are known for eating themselves for the most minor shit, so it’s not as if this comic is anything we haven’t seen a lot of times already in real life.

So aside of making reference to the far left tendency of attacking each other for perceived offenses and infractions of the progressive stack, there are some things the comic is making reference to:

First would be a reference to groups of people accusing Sony of “cultural appropriation” because they presented a traditional japanese flute song performed by a white guy. Aparently that Sony is a japanese company, and that japanese people have not minded at all, are irrelevant details for this offended middle to high class white people.

The second would be a reference to the by now typical journalists and culture critics accusing videogames of promoting violence, toxicity and been the cause of mass shootings. With a very predictable Jonathan Mcintosh in the lot.

Third one is a reference to a mass of people furious on twitter about suposed hordes of gamers who don’t want Ellie to be lesbian in The last of us 2, while been unable to point at any gamer making such statements. If you make a deep search you can find a few mildly critical comments of the lesbian kiss, completelly hidden into the mass of possitive comments and people claiming that all gamers are homophobes.

And the fourth one was just to make a full circle of balloons, but i don’t doubt for a second someone has used that when arguin with a gamer on e3 XD

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