Censorship and puritanism keep going on the rise. I’ve mentioned many times before that videogames have so much censorship and self censorship right now that we are at a “Games code authority”, but this problem isn’t just on videogames; media in general has been suffering it more and more, and social media is no safe from it either. Most social media that allowed sexual content have switched to censoring or outright banning it. Twitch, Instagram, Tumblr, all of them now either censor or forbid sexual content. Even the supposed “free speech” platform Gab has made clear their hate for it, although the seem to do it for the old right wing puritan reasons rather than the new left wing puritan reasons. Twitter already practiced shadowbaning and sensitive labeling in secret till now, but now they’ve announced new rules in which they begin to clamp down on sexual content and openly admit to shadowbanning. Soon there will be no place for people in my line of work to make money and live.

I have no doubt in mi mind that this changes in social media come from the waves of regressives complaining day and night about sexy drawings of women and declaring that male artists should be forbidden to draw women or even die, under “feminist” pretenses that only serve to hide their puritanism. I think it’s no coincidence that first Tumblr, the place where this people gathered, banned this content, and that Twitter is implementing this now after said Tumblr users migrated to Twitter, where they proceded to try to expel any artist that didn’t draw the way they wanted. The wave of absolute hate for sexy drawings and male artists since the Tumblr migration happened has been so insane that i don’t think this new rules can be ascribed to coincidence, even less considering the process of censoring on sexy stuff that has been happening everytime feminism complained about something.

It’s no wonder people are longing for stuff from the 80s-90s, on the line of The Mandalorian. Even if i’m the first one to point out Nostalgia is a big factor, and i have even written myself about the myth of anime being better before, there’s no denying that at that time creators and media didn’t back down so amazingly fast as they do now. There was always the position of the censor, but people tried to actively bypass the censorship in some inteligent way or just say “fuck you”. Nowadays the position of a censor doesn’t seem even neccesary; authors will self censor in fear or losing their jobs, friends and reputation, and media will quickly drop their pants to accomodate the slightiest complain of offense. The times in which people understood the concept of “if you don’t like something don’t watch it” are over; now everything has to be standarized to something that doesn’t offend anyone, which is impossible cause everything has the potential to be offensive and some people live on being offended.

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