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No one expects the spanish inquisition! Not even Google!

This is one that particulary makes me lose faith in humanity. It shows so much all of the problems of the left in the recent years. It compiles such an ammount of people who deserved to be be called retard for an hour non stop. It exemplifies so much why even if i’m a leftist i critique so much how the left acts. I’ll try to summarize.

A Google engineer, who also happens to have a PHd on Biology from Harvard, wrote a memo (which aparently is what people have to do when they want to point something out about their workplace, acording with this hiring manager supporting the guy), in which he denounced how Google had a strong ideological bias and was making people afraid to share their opinions or ideas if those opinions deviated even a little from the progressive status quo (something that was inmediatelly proven correct). He then went on to comment on how certain diversity politics of the company are unfair because they’re based on ideology rather than real data or science. He explained, with a lot of sources and research to back him up, how men and women are different biologically and psychologicaly, and that makes them take different choices in their life, regarding what careers they take or what jobs they pursue or how much time they dedicate to it or to go up in it. The reaction from workers at google and SJWs in general has been asking for his head, for him to be fired, not have a job ever again, threatened with beating him up, harrassing him, and strawman practically every point in his memo. And of course, after discovering who the engineer was, Google proceded to prove him right by firing him.

The memo shouldn’t even be controversial. It’s very moderate, disspasionate, very well researched, and it’s continously making a point to clarify that it’s not promoting sexism or discrimination, but simply explaining why some people make some choices, based on tons of studies about testosterone, preferences, attitudes, etc, which makes ridiculous to want a 50% quota of females in a field where 80% of graduates are men. The science used in it is the same one i continously see in the books of Evolutionary psychology i read (and i have a number), like The Selfish Gene, a book that has been awarded as the most relevant scientific book of all times; but i guess everything the book says is false!. Scientists and psychologist are atesting the veracity of the science used in the memo, yet SJWs claim is “wrong” without giving any counter argument. In fact they’re not engaging with the memo at all. They’re just calling him a nazi, refusing to share it so none can know what it really says and instead they have to trust their fallacies and misrepresentations. It’s amazing the amount of anti-science that i’m watching from people who praises themselves at been Pro science and laugh at religious people for their denial of evolution, yet they then go themselves to deny the effects of evolution on people! It has gotten so bad that wikipedia is deleting some of the articles the engineer used as sources! It’s the complete oposite of what a pro science would do! instead of considering that a point may be valid because is supported by science, they erase any info of that science to mantain their ideological purity! This is the equivalent of the old religion burning books with info they didn’t want the world to know. In case you want to check those sources, here some people are trying to bring them back).

Also a couple of articles supporting the sience and making counterarguments to the sjws.

This is every reason why i criticize my own “side”. As David Rubin says, “I didn’t left the left, the left left me”. And it’s true. The actions of this people are antagonist of what the ideas on the left suposedly are. Where it is the “i don’t agree with your opinion but i’ll fight for your right to say it”? Where is the base on science? Where is the tolerance? Where is the recrimination of harrassment when it happens to someone they disagree with? Where is the “violence is not the answer”, when now they activelly promote violence for the minimal disagreements? How the fuck they expect me to NOT criticize them if i want to follow the ideas of liberalism? What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Fortunatelly, several companies are offering the guy a job, so this ordeal has only served to make very clear to the world the huge bias that operates inside Google, and how insane some people have become. Which is very relevant because Google controls what you find when you look on the internet and also controls youtube…

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