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The trust in the media is at an all time low since the US elections, due to the insane ammount of fake news and hitpieces they do to impulse their agenda. First they focused all of their shit on Trump, but after the election we are seeing an increase on character assassination attemps to popular figures. Last week they wrote dozens of articles claiming Pewdiepie was an anti semite for some obvious jokes in his videos, and now it’s the turn of Milo yiannopolous, whom they claim is a pedophile for some drunk comments he made about himself when he had 17 years old. It’s no wonder that the term “fake news”, which they created themselves to attack conservatives, has stick to them so much. This is very similar to what led to the creation of Gamergate, when people got sick of the media spreading lies and censoring. When some people claim gamergate to be dead, my answer is: No, it has never died, it’s the opposite, it grew so much that GGs message is now ecchoed by everyone in every aspect of life and so GG itself is not specifically important. We are a watchdog for unethical media and censorship, but everyone is worried about that now.

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