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Palmer luckey, the founder of the vr system Oculus rift, was found out to be a trump supporter, and to have a girlfriend who supports gamergate. Immediatly, and at the same time, about 80 hitpieces appeared, smearing him for who he’s going to vote, who is his girlfriend, and asking developers to not support Oculus. Wich they did. A lot of developers announced they will not work with oculus until he resigns.

Now, i’m not a Trump supporter (specially because i don’t live in the US and we have our own problems with our elections); though i love the shitposting arround him, how lethal he is for political correctness and i know most of what the media says about him is false, i still see too many defects on him to be a good president (though no doubt he would be better than Hillary). But what the fuck who he votes for between the two main candidates have to do with his VR system? Why the fuck a game developer should care who he’s dating to decide if to develop VR games? This is specially relevant, because when gamergate started, the media tried to make the strawman that we were just disscussing the private life of Zoe Quinn because we were misogynists, when in reality we were speaking about the conflict of interests with Kotaku, and didn’t care shit for how many guys she fucked. But now is perfectly ok for the media to smear this guy for who he dates, and smear his girlfriend because of her ideology, when she doesn’t even have anything to do with the Oculus. It’s also relevant because the media is always saying that there are no women supporting Gamergate, yet they are quick to smear women for supporting Gamergate without realizing what they are implying.

Now, i know that SJWs will look at the “copy paste” panel joke and will still not realize is a joke and say that i’m really so lazy as to just copy paste. So for your information, copy pasting a panel and then adding a new drawing to comment about it is already more work than just drawing another lilian. This kind of things are done for comedic purposes. You now know something new.

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