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Anita Sarkeesian released another video in which she complains about female body types in videogames. The video was, as always, completelly destroyed by anti feminists, and probably one of the easiest ones to refute, since she refutes herself in her own video, with things like saying Overwatch has no diversity and then showing 3 overwatch female characters she consider diverse. Even if we ignore that the characters she deemed to have “the same body” have actually very different bodies (you can’t seriously try to compare the small, slim and tomboy Tracer to the tall, big shoulders, bulky, Pharah), and we only accept the ones she likes, it would still be a diverse cast, since Overwatch has few characters to begin with. And of course for that we would have to ignore the fact that characters like fighters or soldiers are obviously gonna be fit, because of the exercise, training and action they go through every day.

But what called my attention was the absolute cherry picking she did with league of legends, where she shows 5 examples of monster males and one of 5 female bimbos and tries to argue that all males are completelly different and all females are exactly the same, completelly ignoring the huge cast of female characters with different bodies the game has (and that most of the males have similar bodies). They are so much that i can’t possibly put them all in a comic strip; i’ve only put some of them, and even so they’re so much i’ve had to let the comic in black & white to not lose a huge ammount of time just to make that point. Since i know most anti feminists probably don’t play LoL, i made a video myself about it, so if you want to see more of them and more explained go watch it.

By the way, the character of Evelynn is indeed a hot girl, but i wanted to include her as a nod to one of my comics that i should probably some day update, My little Eve. 

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