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The French government is considering (again) to apply punitive measures to games they consider “sexist”. Among some of the measures they want to apply, there’s a special “discrimination” label for “sexist” games. Games with this label will have restrictions on publicity and will be considered the same as +18 games. Of course they will be the ones deciding which games are “sexist”, and they consider that games with “violence against women” are sexist; so, any game in which you can kill or hit a woman (which is almost any game in which you can kill) would fall into this label.

Oh, and by the way, the minister who’s trying to get this aproved has mentioned Feminist frequency as her inspiration for it, so this is another case of “we don’t want to take your games away”, where the profecy that Sarkeesians videos and lies will lead to games being censored and taken away proves to be true, while her defendants claim it will never happen.

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