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It was about time i do a page with Trigglypuff 😀

If you don’t know who those people are, Trigglypuff is a woman who disrupted a conference made by Milo Yiannopoulos, Steven Crowder and Christina hoff sommers, by continously shouting in anger.

Melissa Click is a professor at Mizzou university who stopped journalists from recording an event in a public space.

Chanty binx is one of the feminists who activated the fire alarm in a conference about men’s problems

Do you notice a pattern here? no, it’s not the glasses (although for some reason those specific style of glasses seem to be a prominent choice in social justice circles), it’s the active effort by social justice activists to stop people from talking or documenting if they have not the “right” opinions.

I remember that when i was young, disrupting a conference meant that you’ll have to leave the room, or be scorted by a security guard. Now disruptors think they are entitled to remain in the room for the whole duration and prevent it from happening, but somehow if someone try to make them leave, that someone is a nazi.

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