SJWs and the media always says that gamergate is a movement dedicated only to banish women from the industry, and that it started with the intention of harrassing and banishing Zoey Quinn. The truth is that the “quinspiracy” was only one tiny part of the events that lead to gamergate, and what bothered people was not what Zoey did with her life, but the unethical behavior of the gaming media in her case.

Most of gamergate doesn’t even know who Zoey quinn is, and those who know doesn’t care a bit, cause gamergate have nothing to do with her. Zoey quinn was harrassed by a small group of people who have a personal problem with her for reasons preceding gamergate, and it’s even documented that the would-be gamergaters on 4chan tried to stop those people.

So, yeah, whos zoey quinn?