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Fire Emblem Fates is the new game in the FE serie of roleplaying/strategy games, a serie famous in part because you can date and marry all playable characters in it. Half a year ago, Tumblr rised up in arms about the game because, acording to them, there was a scene where one lesbian character is given a drug to “cure” her from homosexuality. This, like most of what comes from Tumblr, is false. It’s a potion to help her with her problems dealing with women, since she usualy faints in their presence.

This was debunked almost inmediatly, but that didn’t stop Social justice warriors from spreading the misinformation and ask for censorship. Now, FE is close to it’s release date, and Nintendo has announced that they will be censoring the game because of the controversy. There’s also a rumor that they will remove entirely a game mode to avoid further attacks by the perpetualy ofended.

This is a problem that SJWs don’t understand. When we speak about how games are going to be censored and make jokes about Anita saying “we are not here to take your games away” we are not saying that’s shes literaly going to put a gun in someones head or that they are gonna impose laws to censor games (my main comic is a lesbian. And a minority, on top of that.

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