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Brianna Wu got rekt by her own kind. Again. It seems that everytime she says something reasonable, she loses half her followers, wich in itself tells much about said followers… but it’s not an isolated case, this is the canon with SJW’s. They only support you as long as you are 100% into the acepted politically correct narrative. The moment you even contemplate the posibility of a different point of view, they instantly want your throath. And they are quick to support people they hate just because they are public faces for their ideology, and doing so serves as virtue signaling.

It’s a pity though, i never go to brianna’s twitter but i talked with her once by email, and i’ve always though that she’s, from the SJW side, one of the most possible to have a conversation with and convince of my point of view. Maybe because i think she’s doing all what she does at purpose, as a way to win money, and she don’t actually believe all the stuff she says. Wich is probably why she get’s into so much trouble with her own side, everytime she drops the facade and says something honest.

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