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A Gamergater known as Experiment 626 went to an Anti-Gamergate panel in Illinous, and silently recorded it. After the panel ended, he revealed to be a pro-gamergate to a couple of persons in the room, and they called the police on him, under the charges of “threats”. It can be proved with the video that he made no threat nor interruption whatsoever, so this is another common case of Social justice warriors lying about Gamergate to blame us of something and get the police involved. I hope that one day some the police get tired of them spending contributors money and make something in return for false allegations.

More info. http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2015/11/24/caught-on-tape-lying-campus-feminists-report-gamergater-to-police-for-non-existent-threatening-comments/

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