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Bahar mustafa is a woman who jumped to the spotlight when, while being a student diversity officer, organized an event for “equality” but forbid white males to attend. When people complained about this obvious racial and sexual discrimination, she proceded to mock them and use the hashtag #killallmen to make sexist and racist comments, while pretending she cannot be racist or sexist because shes a non white woman (though she’s the whitest non white i’ve ever seen).

Now, aparently, she has recently being arrested for those mocking tweets and is facing charges for “sending a threatening communication”. The hashtag #istandwithbaharmustafa was created to support her, and you know what? Gamergate has gone there en masse to support her freedom of speech. Because thats what freedom speech means, it means everyone can say what they want without being censored or arrested for it, even if she says stupid things, even if she’s clearly a hateful racist and sexist biggot and we don’t agree with anything she says, she still has the right to go to twitter and make mocking comments about people. Of course, we obviously know that if it was someone from gamergate the one arrested, neither she nor her followers would defend us.

Oh, and in a turn of events, the UN has deleted their pro-censorship report about violence and sexism in the internet and in videogames, because it was so bad that even the likes of Randi harper and Zoe quinn were against it (or at least they said so after watching the public reaction to it).

Sargons video on the arrest.

Milo: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/10/06/bahar-mustafa-should-never-have-been-arrested-for-tweeting/