There has been an intense war the recent month on wikipedia over the Gamergate controversy article (did you know that Gamergate is a kind of ant? one never knows enought), editors with a pro-GG or neutral stance have being denouncing how the anti and SJW editors keep modifing the article (and several other feminist articles) so instead of a neutral exposition on the Gamergate happening, the article has become a biased and dishonest misrepresentation of the movement. I never considered wikipedia as a reliable source of information, but since Gamergate i consider it the opposite of a reliable source, i have even see articles speaking about money been given to editors to change things, ugh…

But some light begins to show in the horizon, aparently several editors are being investigated, and maybe banished from wiki for their behaviour over Gamergate and feminist articles, and one that has already being kicked out is infamous editor Ryulong

Let’s hope this means the Gamergate article will be changed to a more neutral and informative stance.