Ah, the 25 privileges of gaming while male, such bullshit. For 5 of my gamer years, i posed as a girl on online games, partly because i like roleplaying, partly because i like to do social experiment and human psicology, but the thing is i have a lot of experience on what it is to play as a “female” on online games, and i can assure you i choose to be a “female” on online games 10 of 10 times, The treatment i received when people was convinced i was a woman was a thousand times better than when they knew i was male. I had to in good conscience reject gifts a lot of times, and my companions were much comprehensive of what i said as a female than as male, even if i said some intentional stupidity their reactions were much softer than as male.

Is there some men who think you will play worse because you are a woman?, yes, there’s a few, and i make a point of correctim them when i see them. But overall that is not the case, gamers judge people by skill, they are extremelly welcome of females and give them special treatment when playing.

Everything that can be said about this has already been said by Karen straughan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAF2UmyXe-4