You can freely download this drawing as an high resolution A3 for print in the right bar of my deviantart

1 year of Gamergate. It seems like yesterday when i began to hear about the quinnspiracy, when the movement exploded and i realized there was a lot of people in the world who shared my shame ideas, who were tired of political correctness, who wanted creators being able to do what they wanted, who were very aware of the ethical problems in the press. One year that i discovered the Honey Badgers, Sargon of Akkad, Milo Yiannopoulos, Oliver Campbell, Christina Hoff Sommers and a lot more people who have inspired me and given me strength to do what i wanted to do, to not hold my hand when drawing for fear of PC, for fear of repercusions, to not hold my tongue about my ideas. Almost a year since i started my Gamergate life comic as a simple morale raiser for a couple facebook groups, and it sudenly became popular. There’s a lot of people who are not in the drawing simply because i have not enought space and time to do them all, but for all of you who have spent a year defending ethics and artistic freedom: Thank you, and i hope you can all keep holding the line until things change enought that there will be no need to hold any line.

Now raise your arms, and lend your power to Vivian.