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My position on this one is a little complicated, and it will probably be misunderstood by some; in some cases intentionaly, ehem, ehem. Let’s make clear first that i don’t think there should be an Hetero pride day. But i don’t think there should be any Pride day, at all. Pride days do more wrong than good to the comunities they technically want to support, because they take them steps back in integration.

An homosexual person is just someone completelly normal, who happens to like their same sex. And that’s it. There’s no other special characteristic that defines them. If anyone wants to be something more than that and dress with a thong or act like a maniac that’s their personal choice, but that has nothing to do with being homosexual. What Pride days do is make people belive that homosexuals are precisely what they show in their parades: weirdos, freaks, perverts, etc. People you wouldn’t want to relate to. It doesn’t help at all to the image of homosexuals. If anything each Pride day manages to put people against them. The few people i’ve seen that’s still left who don’t like homosexuals, usually point to the Pride day as their main reason for it. And that goes for other Prides too. We in Spain created the Geek Pride day, and it has been an stupid endeavor from day 1. Geeks on that day go out of their way to dress in the most bizarre ways and do activities that no one but them relates to. When “normies” see what we do in those days, they get out with the reinforced idea that we are all fucking freaks and they should never let their kids get close to us. Top help for geek inclusion.

So, even if i felt that heterosexuals are opressed; which they are not, (except for some exceptions like Spain where a new law will make heterosexuals to lose the presumtion of innocence if they’re acused by an homosexual), i would not think a Pride day is a good idea.

Also, i know that the people who started and supported the hashtag where trolls making fun of rabid Tumblr feminists. Something that the media either failed to realize or purposedly ignored when they reported it.

Thus said, i can understand where all this comes from. Not the fake idea to create a Pride day, but the concept of heterosexuals being hated enought as to begin to think about one. It’s not that heterosexuals are opressed and need a day; as i said, they are not (neither are homosexuals in the west anyways, you would have to go look other cultures for that). It’s that heterosexuals are right now fair hunt for everyone, and one of the few that creates no repercusion if you attack them, while saying anything remotelly bad of an homosexual has dire consecuences.

It’s not just sexuality. There has been a trend in recent years, in which anything you say about homosexuals, racial minorities or women is persecuted and a cause for someone to be socially destroyed or fired from their jobs. And i’m not even talking real cases of homophobia/racism/sexism; simple jokes and fair critizism, not even for a colective, but an individual person, can lead to your life being destroyed. Yet, if you are white, or heterosexual, or male (or worse, all of them) anything can be said about you, no matter how outrageous it is, and nothing happens.

If someone from the christian church says some stupid shit like “homosexuality is wrong”, they are bashed by every media and thousands of people (and rightly so). Yet a spanish feminist politician from a leftist party says that “heterosexuality is wrong” and that “all women are born lesbians, and it’s the patriarchy that forces them to be heterosexual to be subservient to men”, and ask women to become lesbians just for political reasons, and she walks by of it without problems. If a famous scientist like Tim hunt makes a self deprecating joke that involves women, he’s destroyed by the media and loses his job in a matter of hours, yet a famous feminist journalist can openly say that men should be put in concentration camps and still work at the place with no problems. And a miriad of examples of whites, heterosexuals and males being bashed just for being white/hetero/male (which is the literal definition of racism/phobia/sexism) with no consecuence or even being mentioned in most of the media, while any comment about minorities/homos/women, no matter how innocent, can be the cause of inmense backlash. And that’s not counting all the people with “guilt”, who are part of those comunities but feel they don’t deserve to live because they are white, or hetero, or male, and they dedicate their lives to “atone” by hating on whites, males and heteros.

This all combines to give whites, males and heteros (and specially those who are all of these) the sensation that they are the punch bag of the moment, who are allowed to be hated on every front, without being allowed to talk back. Just look at who are the ones bashed in the media, it is gays? it is women? no, everything is always “toxic masculinity” and “heteropatriarchy”, and every show on tv shows fathers as idiots, heteros as homophobes, men as murders and rapists, whites who are proud of their countries as fascists and racists; while women and gays are shown as inteligent and good, etc. With all the shit that’s being thrown at them, the question of the girl at the end of the comic shouldn’t really be “how this happened?”; it should probably be “how this didn’t happen sooner?”. And i’m sure that if you reach a point where you being to have anti-male and anti-hetero laws like we have in Spain, you’ll see more of it happening, and maybe not trolls next time.

To finish, i think i could borrow a typical feminist rethoric, and say: The reactions to #heteroprideday are the proof of why we need #heteropraideday. Not that we really need it, but if you look at the comments made there by feminists and tumblerites, you may have an idea of what i mean when i say heteros, whites and males are punch bag of the moment.

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