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My comic has so many diverse characters that sometimes i think people may mistake it for pandering. Shit, i think that if a Social justice warrior reads my comic without knowing who i am or my other comics, they would like the comic and support it. It has a black female lesbian protagonist, a mostly female cast, with most of them being better than the men, with all grades of skin tone, with a setting that’s big on racial issues, and there’s even a race of all women who see men as just fucking material. If it wasn’t for the ammount of nudes, wich will trigger the puritan sensibilities of those people, this would be like the perfect comic for SJWs. Yet everything that’s in the comic is there just because i liked the concept of the character, or wanted to tell some story about my setting. That’s how a story should be done. Do what you want and what you like, and make characters that you like and fit the story. If that happens to include minority characters, the better for diversity, but don’t force a character in it just for diversity sake.

On second thought, SJWs complain about everything, so probably instead of being happy about a mute character they’ll claim is sexism because i silenced her or some shit. Or because they’re triggered by Moe.

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