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I’ll have to add here a clarification that shouldn’t need to be done, but i think at 2019 is clear people have lost the capacity to understand. Characters in a comic don’t represent the views of the artist. Or they SHOULDN’T, since we know that right now a lot of artists use their characters as paws to inject their ideological agenda, like Marvel. But this wave of using characters as mouthpieces, however how big it is, doesn’t represent good writting. Good characters have their own personality, with their own politics, ther own strong points and flaws. A good character stops at some point been written by the author and instead writes themselves. If you’re a good writter and have good characters, whenever a situation arises you don’t think what you want the characters to say; you try to guess what those characters would say in that situation. And if the characters opinion don’t align, conflict arises.

Characters in many comic’s today seem to be forced to never disagree on any politically correct issue, which makes them feel like the same character with just some different quircks, unidimensional and boring, and they’re of course always the perfect image of social justice, who’s never wrong because they’re on the side of the greater good. Not on my comics.

My characters have set personalities, and they operate with that. None of them has been written to be my personal politics or what i personally disagree with, or to be the perfect image of a hero. Both K’sara and Europa were created years before the cultural war arised, and any mention of today’s politics, like the use of terms like “social justice warrior” are there only because later it became clear those terms applied to the characters, not the opposite. Both K’sara and Europa have positions i agree with, positions i disagree with, and positions i would agree with if moderate, but they take too far. If you’ve read all of Monster girls on tour and my older comic Guild adventure, you know by now that K’sara believes in strengh and the law of the strong; she doesn’t help others if it doesn’t benefict her, and has a supremacist touch regarding Salamanders and other races (though to be fair, in my comics Salamanders ARE a superior race), but also believes all races should be treated equally, based on merit, believes in personal responsibility, true strenght, valor and individual rights. Europa on the other hand is what you would call a social justice warrior; she is compasionate and looks to help others and preserve rights for everyone, but she goes too far, she’s blind to the reality arround her and instead believes in narratives about the evil humans opressing everyone; she is willing to manipulate and cause harm to others “for the greater good”, based on an incorrect version of the world, ignoring what others tell her about how things really work, and has a concept of other races as incapable of pulling themselves up without external help; specially her help. Essentially, from the two, she’s the racist, and a big part of why she does what she does is wanting the moral high ground by been, what you would call, a “white savior”, tho i don’t want to talk much about that part yet.

Both characters are designed to have extreme opposites and clash, not to express what i believe the world should be.