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My computer has broken. Again. And this time i won’t even know what is the problem till at least monday. Which means if i have to buy something expensive, or a whole new pc, it’ll be just ONE DAY after black friday ends. Lucky me….

In any case, i only managed to post today’s page cause i already had it uploaded as “extra” page in my patreon, but if the repair takes long maybe there’ll not be page on tuesday. So you’ll have to wait to see how much “teamwork” salamanders can produce (spoiler: not much).

Monster girls on tour updates on tuesday and saturday. If you like this comic, you can read the next page before your friends by supporting me on Guild adventure, an already finished comic set in the same world as MGoT.

I’ve several stores with material of my comic, one is my own store where i sell Special adventures of Monster girls on tour, PDF’s with side stories full of humor. Another is my Spreadshirt store, where i sell shirts with my designs, and finally my Redbubble store, where i send prints of many kinds.

To improve my comic, i run several polls, if you want to participate: a populariy poll so you can vote your favourite characters; a poll to introduce new creatures, and a poll to decide the next character to receive an erotic drawing.

Also If you want to know more about the setting of the comic check, i have a wiki section here.

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