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I’ve kinda been laughing a little whenever readers felt sure about Dragon superiority in this fight. I thought that by this point someone would have remember this scene from time ago and guessed that D’Tunguska was the one beating the crap out of D’Jahira, who’s stronger than Dragon herself. Now, battles in MGoT don’t just depend on “Power level” like shonens usually do; characters have skills, elements, strenghts and weaknesess that can make an overall lower level warrior defeat an overall stronger one, so it’s more like a “Fate stay night” thing, where there are “tiers” but servants can be beaten by counter skills from lower tiers. So it’s possible Dragon special characteristics make her defeat a stronger enemy, in the same way they made her easilly beat Monuca when she had never have any problems before killing anyone; but even so, it was kind of fun to see how convinced people were that D’Tunguska had no chance against Dragon XD.

In fact since i was having fun with that, i threw in some foreshadowing by calling her one of “the big four”, which people probably thought means one of the four salamander masters. In truth, “the big four” is the name i give to the four Topmost tier characters in the comic; of which Guild adventure readers can probably guess one more. It’s a term that’s not used in-story so it doesn’t really matter that i say it here, but there wasn’t much sense in using it when there were only short mentions of some of them.

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