It’s time for the winners of this year’s contest. This year there haven’t been a lot of entries, but it’s probably my fault as i forgot to do it at the usual time and only remembered it more than a month later so people probably thought i wasn’t doing it. In any case here are the participants:


-Vestra by Tom Milton

Catoblepas by Valentino conti

Name: Catoblepas

Species: Incomplete

Gender: Female

Height: 3,12 m (with her head up) 2,22 (with her head down)

Weight: 212 kg

 Catoblepas is an Incomplete very similar to a Minotaur except for her long, flexible neck. She usually let her head hang down, since she’s more comfortable this way, but she can easily move it around as she pleases. Catoblepas is a warrior in charge of keeping the peace, but she’s very lazy and does the bare minimum necessary to keep her work, so basically she will leave people alone as long as they don’t cause too much of a ruckus. She is naturally VERY strong (not surprising given her size and musculature).

 Symbiosis: Catoblepas possess a very peculiar Earth Symbiosis. By focusing her Essence through her eyes, she can increase the gravitational attraction of the Earth towards anything she’s looking for, basically increasing the weight of anything she looks at. Depending on how much essence she spends, she can either just increase the weight a bit or utterly crush her target.

Catoblepas almost always keeps her head down with her bangs covering her eyes, in order to not activate her powers by accident (and also because she is more comfortable this way).

Marrowlurker by Valentino conti


 Description: Marrowlurkers are amoeba-like colonial creatures that live in the wilderness and tend to make their nest inside the bones of deceased beasts and monsters. Out of their nest, they look sort of like cells with very long tentacles and a single, glowing red nucleus at their center. When they form a colony inside a skeleton, they can keep the bones together with their tentacles and secretions, moving the skeleton around as if it was still alive.

 Behaviour: Marrowlurker are always in search of skeletons of strong creatures to use as new nests to propagate their colonies. Out of their nests, Marrowlurkers are slow and terribly timid, cowering before basically anything. However, once they are “possessing” a skeleton, they become much more brave and aggressive, willing to take on almost anything.

 Tips for Hunters: Marrowlurker colonies can be highly dangerous, especially because they are nigh immune to physical attacks (if the skeleton they inhabit is broken, they just put it back together almost immediately). Fire and electric attacks are considerably more effective. Finally, there are rumors that indicate that when possessing skeletons of creatures that possessed strong Symbiosis, the Marrolurker can somehow “copy” the powers that their host possessed in life.

Ainoha by Helen Pink

Esta es Ainoha, una incompleta caracol.

Compensa su lentitud con la resbaladez y pegajosidad de su baba corporal. También, usando su esencia, endurece su caparazon y lo usa para esconderse o cargar contra quien este luchando.

Sus ojos son los de un caracol normal, las antenas, no debajo de su su flequillo. Es casi tan grande como una aracne, la sal le provoca urticaria.

Es alguien tranquila y positiva, con un marcado acento frances. Desde pequeña soñaba con ser una gran guerrera, asi que se aventuro a viajar luchando por Robukan al crecer.

Compro una armadura (con capa), lanza y escudo a unos enanos y aprendio luchar lo basico en su aldea. Es un tanto patosa, tiene manos de mantequilla por su baba y se le suele caer las cosas.

Lily by Remco:

Story: Lily is a human incomplete that was born with a terrifying appearance that caused to be shunned from birth to adulthood. She always wanted to help people and see children smile but was never able to bc she scared all of them away. She didn’t wanna scare anyone anymore but she also has a strong need to help people so she decided to become a hermit and help people wherever she could. She’s a trained physician of all ages and a cook. She does everything she can to help people. No matter the race or nationality. However she often has people running away in fear whenever she offers help. She however never let’s this drag her down. She will help everyone she can and always sees kindness in people. She saved tons of hunters, children and adventures throughout her long life.

Appearance: Lily has a long, slender body (7 ft), 4 arms with long black hair, black irises and 32 overgrown teeth that cause her to have a constant wide smile. She wears a long white dress with flowers on it and a flower crown. She choice to wear this clothingto make herself seem less threatening (it doesn’t work).

Personality: Lily is a kind and caring person. She cannot turn away when seeing someone in need (tho others wish she could). However she is well aware of her looks and never takes offense when someone is scared by her. This causes her to be slow and gentle when approaching someone in need. She is against the coming war and believes peace should be made for the good of all the children in Robukan.

Powers: Lily has no experience in battle for she despises conflict of any kind. Fortunately she never had to bother bc she usually scares away bandits and stays away from monsters.

– People in a village in the north spread a legend that a white witch was haunting it’s streets at night. It was revealed that it was Lily who was assisting an orphanage by bringing them supplies in the night so no one would be scared by her.

– Lily once scared away a salamander who was badly injured.

– “Lily” isn’t her birth name. It was a name she gave herself in hopes of scaring less people (it doesn’t work).

So, now for the winners; the second prize goes to the Marrowlurker

and the first prize goes to Ainoha

I’ll be contacting the winners for their prizes