I’ve finishing reviewing the entries for this year Monster design contest. As like every year, there have ben a number of disqualifications for not following the rules; be it people who don’t send drawings/descriptions, send drawings they’ve just downloaded from the internet, or very clearly have sent some random stuff they had in their pc that doesn’t fit into the setting at all. Be it as it is, here are the entries for this year.

By Amiel:

By Hellen Pink:

Esta es Una, una incompleta con características de ratón. (Está inspirada en la ratita presumida y el concepto de ratón de bibilioteca. En la imagen ella esta de espaldas).

Mide 1,54 y pesa 40kg

Es muy sosegada, inteligente y pulcra; pero también presumida. Ella es una estudiosa erudita que recorre Robukan en busca de nuevos conocimientos que aprender o enseñar sobre la Esencia, historia o secretos de Robukan.

Su curiosidad la a llevado a meterse en líos por su insistencia en búsquedas de nuevos conocimientos. Arriesgando su vida, disfrazándose o infiltrándose en lugares donde su presencia estaría prohibida.


En su bolsa lleva varios libros de lectura, diarios y un kit de supervivencia.

Tiene una débil simbiosis que la hace capaz de usar el viento para arrojar objetos pesados y es buena escondiéndose sin hacerse notar.

By Kyle Blakely:

Name: Many-Names

Gender: Genderless, but usual take role as she/her

Species: Incomplete (humanoid doppelganger)

Origin: Nobody knew how this incomplete race came from with its unusual talent to copy and transform their body into any humanoid (both human and non-human) appearance. Some people suspected the theory was that she came from an experiment where many incompletes were bred with each other repetitive, resulting in contains many identities of varying incompletes in one body.

Trivia about Many-Names:


  • Her origin background: she escaped from a strange place she couldn’t remember exact where and had been surviving in both towns of humans and non-human by taking the appearance of anyone to take their achievements/rewards and disappearing to take a new appearance.
  • She took the name “Many-Names” because every time she transformed a new look, she received a name, so she decided to call herself the one with many names.
  • Her space-like appearance is not her real form. Nobody knows what original look she had. This is the form she usual to take around her closest friends whom she trusted.
  • Her body is shapeless form, she can shape her body into any shape she desire, from a humanoid body to a blob. The only fact is her mass remains same, therefore she could not form and transform to these species with complicated body structure and gigantic size, such as monsters and arachnes.
  • While she is capable to survive in unfair country, she is no fighter and rely on her transformation and wit rather than physical and elemental fighting.
  • Despite having the talent to transform into anyone, the flaws she has are including:
    • Her strength is same as human and contains no elemental power and could not copy the strength and elemental power of the individual she copied the appearance from.
    • Transformation is limited to average-scale humanoid races.
    • She can mimic the personality of the individual she copied, but she do not know their true personality and secrets. Therefore, she can easily trick anyone she interacted at short time, but she will be in trouble with anyone in long term or anyone with sharp eyes.

No matter what shape and appearance she took, her mass remains same

Name: Scalmours

Species Type: Domestic Farm Monster (Low-Ranked Scale Shedding Monster)

A species of very timid packing 5-ft tall monster covered in thick scales. Scalmours are favored for their shedding scales that can be collected and turn into many useful products, including armor, weapon, and daily life tools. The creature shed and grow scales daily like shark shed and grow their teeth. While the shed scales contain no elemental resistant and have weak durability, they are affordable and offering a decent protection for new young hunters who are inexperienced beginner to hunt higher-ranked monster for better armor and they are inexpensive to replace if damaged.

The Scalmours eat grubs, roots, and sometime vegetables. They use their two talons claws to dig and break  into the dirt and sprout a sticky nose tentacle to catch the grubs and roots and push the meal into their teethless mouth, similar to elephants.

They are considered harmless with their typically last-resort attack when cornered are headbutt like a sheep. However, they have a defense mechanic which is making loud and annoying noise. When a Scalmour is alerted or spooked, it shakes its body to make loud clanking noise. The clanking scale from one Scalmour is mildly loud, but noise become dreadful loud when a pack of Scalmour does same. They even repel higher-ranked monster sometime.

Because of their annoying clanking noise, the handlers established the Scalmour farms far away from the towns/villages to avoid bothering them with the clanking noise. The handlers often wear noise-proof ear plugs at nighttime during sleeping hour to avoid waking up each time they clanked their scales.


Male has head-crested scales while female has only scale-like ears.

Name: Walnut Beetle

The baseball-size (some long-lived grows bigger than softball) beetle with harden walnut-like shell that can curl into ball that look like a big-sized walnut. It usual live on trees with similar shape fruits and nuts. They have strong mandible to crush the hard shell of fruits and nuts to eat.

Walnut Beetles are docile; however often they surprised hunters and harvesters when they collect nuts from the tree when walnut beetles uncurl. In fact, a myth story about how baseball was invented revolved a walnut beetle when a woman who was jumped from one and threw it at a nearby hunter who quickly swinged it with a weapon. The poor, yet unharmed, beetle flew across the wood.

By Lettyne:

By Raeye:

  1. Ibara girl –

History/background: the Ibara are humanoid creatures with a mash up of human, oni,  and insectoid features. They originated as beings born of cursed bloodshed, coming into form from the anguish and pain of the dead and taking over their bodies. However, while a majority of Ibara are violent and bloodthirsty, some can contain these violent tendencies and blend with society. This is due to the specific curse/feeling left behind in the body they emerge from. If the feeling is more blinded with rage and desires for blood, the Ibara will latch on to and reciprocate those feelings. However, if the feelings are more controlled and genuine, focusing on duty, determination, and justice, the Ibara can tame and hold back their more vicious side and coexist with other species.

Ibara tend to form with a multitude of different features (different amounts of arms, claws, pincers, insectoid wings), they only have one true similarity between them. Their eyes. Their eyes all share the same angular shape, with a red glow that some find most haunting.

Birth: When an Ibara is created, the body that is used begins to change. First a thick black mist forms, covering the body/bodies in the area gathering them together. This black mist begins to coil around the bodies forming a protective shell similar to a cocoon. Shortly after, the cocoon hardens and the transfiguration process begins. it’s hands and feet darken, to an almost completely black color. This color reaches up to its forearms before a new color begins to emerge, covering the rest of their body. This color can be a myriad of different shades. While no specific link has been found as to what causes these colors to appear, it is most likely a physical representation of their elemental affinity. Either one the live body has or one that was manifested due to present conditions (ie. Around water, fire, etc). Next the body is slowly repaired, either using the bodies around them as nutrients and rebuild the structures or gathering that nutrients from the environment around them. During this time, if their are multiple body/body parts around the transfiguring body, they can end up being absorbed and attached to the being. This can cause the Ibara in question to manifest multiple heads, multiple arms, multiple eyes (most common), multiple feet (least common), and even, in very rare circumstances multiple types of genitalia (this usually entails having both male and female genitalia). In any case, once the manifestation is complete, the cocoon is broken and the Ibara is born.

Biology/lifestyle: Ibara are born with a willingness and determination to fight. Constantly looking for adversity and challenges. However, contrary to this mindset, their bodies start out rather weak and malnourished, leaving them exposed when they hatch. Luckily due to their more insect like nature, they are able to hide and disappear into shadows and dark places rather easily. Using their micro multi lense eyes, their vision is impeccable, allowing them to easily distinguish things in front of them to the minutest of details (this can allow them to read their opponents body language and predict their movements. Their finger tips and toes are covered with microscopic barbs, making them excellent climbers that can even scale completely vertical elevations. Their skin becomes much thicker, acting much like leathery armor around the body, but hard and bone-like around the joints.

Extra appendages that are manifested continue to serve the same purpose the would have naturally (ie: extra arms will still act like arms and be able to carry, lift, and pull things). In the cases of multiple useless limbs (to many arms, legs, wings) the Ibara will usually end up dying due to the excess weight and hinderance to its survival, even trying to remove the excess limbs. This is one of the reasons why most Ibara who people come into contact with usually have a small amount of abnormalities (4-6 arms, wings, maybe two heads).

Weaknesses: Ibara have extremely sensitive vision, allowing them to not only see in color but also track heat signatures. However, due to this sensitivity, they are susceptible to being blinded, rather easily. They thrive in darkness, rarely coming out during the day, and usually wearing hoods/cloaks to cover their heads and eyes. Ibara are also weak to burning and freezing, having bodies that can adapt but not withstand high temperature changes (in other words, they can live in deserts or mountains, but they can be frozen solid or burnt to a crisp and die), unless they have an elemental affinity towards one or their other. This can increase their resistance but not outright get rid of it. Finally, Ibara thrive on blood, whether it be humanoid, animal, etc. The can consume other things for nutrients, but if left without blood for an extended period of time, Ibara can enter a rage like state called blood famine. In this state, the Ibara becomes even more erratic, attacking anyone and anything living to consume its blood and sate its thirst. This state also greatly diminishes the Ibara’s intellect, making them more feral and animalistic, resulting in them becoming more dangerous to be around but much easier to hunt and kill.

Extra facts: While Ibara are formed through strong negative emotions, they do not always form after conflicts. They are relatively rare since for their formation to actually happen, an ego, strong enough to stand out in a torrent of anguish must be present. This means that while it is not guaranteed that an Ibara will spawn from a warzone or violent tragedy, it is highly likely if any of the bodies involved carried a powerful ego.

This ego is passed down to the Ibara, causing them to share personality traits and quirks of their original ego, tampered with by their new emotional holds and mental state.

Ibara are able to reproduce with other races, though, in most cases the children end up only sharing the traits of their other parent. Ibara can not reproduce with themselves, as they cannnot be created organically. However, children of Ibara can manifest some of their emotional traits and can sometimes even gain some of their abnormalities (though it is extra rare).


The Hecatonchires: (Greek mythology) multi armed monsters that live in tarturs

Dybbuks: (Dungeons and Dragons) demonic like spirits that poses dead bodies.

Ibara are named after an  Oni in Japanese folk lore: Ibaraki-doji.

By Remco:


Hanna (right head) & Agnes (left head).

They are a female incomplete based on the double-headed eagle symbol of the Holy Roman Empire. She leads a famous sellsword company in Ashmara known as Lowlanders.

Story: they we’re born and raised in poverty by their mother, for their father abandoned them. They spend most of their childhood indoors practicing walking and moving, for Hanna and Agnes’s both had separate nervous systems and spines. Hanna controls the right arm, right leg and right wing, while Agnes controls the other half. as they got older, they went out more (as they could now walk) but they we’re abused and bullied by the locals. They got tired of it and wanted to earn respect from the people. So they picked up what they learned, which is that only warriors receive respect in Robukan. They started restlessly training with a wooden longsword and eventually they entered fighting tournaments and started hunting monsters. As they made more and more money they started getting more expensive tastes. Becoming obsessed with gold, fashion and good looks. They wanted to be deviant from others and to truly stand out as respected warriors, so they dressed as flamboyant as possible. This together with her weird mutation and her swordsmanship received tons of attention from the high life in Ashmara. Though most still didn’t respect them. Seeing them as abominations. Though their skill was beyond question. Working as bodyguards, hunters and killing bandits and thieves for a while, she eventually used all her money and her reputation to start a mercenary group in Ashmara. She named them Lowlanders.

Appearance: Hanna and Agnes are twins. Both 30 (obviously). They both have bob haircuts but in different styles and red eyes. And just like all bird incompletes they have black feathered hair. They are both very beautiful but they still disturb everyone (because 2 heads). She has a long and attractive body, with rather large breasts (same as Dragon). She stands 6.8 feet tall. She has 2 pairs of black eagle wings and eagle feet. She dresses very flamboyish. She has the outfit specifically made for herself. It is a heavy gambeson (inspired by the Landsknechten). Along with some expensive jewels. Their weapon of choice is a self-designed long sword made for fighting against human or humanoid opponents.

Abilities: They are strong as hell. Matching the strength of a salamander. They can fly. Their heads can turn 180 degrees so they have no blind spot. Their fighting style is focused on long range. Keeping opponents at a distance. But when they do come close they use wrestling methods. Her element is lighting.

Personality: Hanna is friendly and  persuasive but she’s also manipulative, sadistic and very unforgiving to people who fail them. Meanwhile Agnes is very strict and professional. Almost never losing her cool. She’s also more merciful and forgiving. However they are both calm and collective, yet greedy. Mostly only caring about their business and only worrying about losing money. For the both have rich tastes.They also don’t do favours. If they have nothing to gain or if it isn’t part of the contract, they tell you to fuck off.

Lowlanders: Their mercenary company is famous for their good looks, rich taste, cleanliness and weird outfits, as well as being insanely dedicated to their contracts and never betraying a client. All races are allow to join, apart from salamanders for obvious reasons. They’re obsessed with looking nobly and acting gallantly. Though most people think they’re gay because of this. They are experts at long range combat and heavy firepower. Making them kryptonite for salamanders. Some even refer to them as “salamander hunters” but they hate that nickname because it attracts salamanders.

1. Hanna & Agnes made allot of money by donating blood and allowing themselves to be studied by researchers and scientists in Potoka, since Polycephaly is insanely rare in Robukan.

2. They have 2 spines, 2 hearts and 3 lungs.

3. Hanna is a lesbian, while Agnes is straight.

4. They refused to join the matriarchs despite being very influential Incompletes in a land that hates them. This is because they believe it would be bad for business, if they alienated humans.

By Rizkibizniz:

Flying Squirrel Girl/s (and boys). A nomadic tribe living in the forest canopy. They have flaps of skin that extend between their arms and legs (like a flying squirrel). To be light enough to fly or glide, they are very thin. The girls have small, shapely tits, like apples. To have the largest wing area between arm and leg, they are very tall. They have cute squirrel ears and rodent teeth. Because they need to keep their wings free to fly in a split second, they don’t wear clothes. Instead, they wrap their wings around themselves out of modesty when strangers are around. That’s all I guess, I didn’t get any further with this idea. Wait! Tattoos or paint! Without clothing, they may want to decorate their wings for tribal reasons or for camouflage. Well, if you like it you can do what you want with it.

By Spinersaur:

Nombre: Blake
Especie: incompleto
Género : masculino
Blake tiene una personalidad ingenua e infantil pero cuando esta cazando  a sus presas cambia a una más despiadada, al pasar mayormente en el mar tiene una vida solitaria y casi no tiene contacto con personas, él es muy voraz por eso le gusta cazar y comer  criaturas marinas en especial crustáceos y moluscos, pocas veces se aventura a tierra  para cazar otras criaturas.
Blake  es ágil en agua también puede movilizarse en tierra, las manchas moradas  en su cuerpo en realidad son  depósitos de veneno.
Blake es inmune al veneno también posee una alta afinidad al elemento agua que le permite crear técnicas como tentáculos de agua para atrapar presas más grandes o cuando está cazando en tierra cubrir su cuerpo con  agua para defenderse e impulsarse como una bala( como aquajet en pokémon )  su simbiosis vórtice corrosivo  crea  remolinos de agua ácida que atrapa a sus víctimas mientras éstas están atrapadas su piel, armadura o corazas son disueltas  si intentan escapar blake usa sus tentáculos para  adentrarlas de nuevo en el vórtice.
Blake al cazar a sus presas las captura con sus tentáculos para inmovilizarlos y después enterrar las puntas envenenadas y debilitar a su víctima, el veneno es de acción lenta y letal  después de  ser inyectado el veneno paraliza la zona afectada inutilizandola mientras el veneno se  extiende este le causa  un gran dolor  a la víctima.

By Valentino conti:

Name: Jabberwock

Race: Incomplete (she’s not a Dragon even if she kinda looks like one)

Height: 1,92 m

Weight: 71 kg


Personality: Random, clueless, chatty and annoyingly cheerful. Jabberwock lives in a world of her own, to the point that she seems like she’s always high as a kite (she kinda is due to her own Symbiosis). However, for some reason she is also VERY literal minded and a huge nitpicker: whenever someone around her makes a statement that is “technically” wrong, she can’t help chiming in, saying “Actually…” and then correcting that person. As a result, she can be unbearably annoying.


Powers and abilities: Jabberwock might look similar to a Dragon, but she’s nowhere near as strong. She is also extremely near sighted (even with her glasses on) and clumsy, something which makes her very accident-prone. Flying in particular always ends up with her landing in uncomfortable places and/or getting stuck somewhere. However, luckily for her she is also extremely tough, almost as much as a real dragon, and she can tank a lot of punishment without any real damage.


Symbiosis: Jabberwock has a very peculiar Wind Symbiosis that manifests itself through her voice. Anyone listening to Jabberwock’s voice when she uses her symbiosis starts having vivid hallucinations (usually they see things straight out of Alice in Wonderland). Unluckily for her, Jabberwock herself is not immune to her own symbiosis, and she also hallucinate together with everyone else. In fact, her own weirdness could probably be explained by the fact that she has to always listen to herself.


History: Jabberwock has (and always had) an hard time telling apart fantasy from reality, and as a result she herself is not too sure about her past. Nowadays she mostly wonders around, lost in her own little world. Due to her powers and personality, most people find her incredibly annoying and try to avoid her, though she’s usually too “high” to really care about that. The fact that she kinda looks like a Dragon has drawn trouble to her from time to time.

So, for the winners, we begin with the second prize:

Una by Hellen Pink

And the first prize:

Scalmour by Kyle.

I’ll contact the winners for the prizes. Thanks for participating and good luck next year.