Kind of a short update because i’ve been more focused on plot than designs, so i only have one new drawing for one of the secondary characters.

Good news is, i’ve already written the entirety of the core plot for the series through the ending.plot for the fighting part, including the ending. Now i’ll have to detail the romcom parts, but overall the project is advancing faster than i thought. Highly likely i’ll be able to start on pages mid year and have an opening chapter made for when Monster girls in space ends.

“Bad” news is i’m stuck with the design of one of the relevant characters of the series. But i’ll get around that.

Still have no idea about names tho, and i don’t rule out simply using nicknames without actually mentioning a single real name XD. I kinda already do something similar with the monster girls, but maybe people would think it’s a copy of Goblin slayer.

As always you can give me your thoughts. But i ain’t gonna give them back.