This time i try some fighting stances for Sukeban herself.

As i mentioned before, the idea is that she uses Kyokushin Karate, which is, to make it simple, the one the Mishima family in Tekken uses, but she also uses a bat.

Now, the poses i’ve tried are on themselves fine, but i’ve seen what will be an issue when drawing the comic: The long skirt will be a nightmare to draw in fights. Or to be more specific, it’ll be a nightmare to make the leg’s positions and kicks visible while having a full long skirt, using the typical forced perspectives and positions of manga fights. I’ll have to make use of serious non-realistic gravity and skin tight cloth to make it work.

So, a few things i can do here to mitigate the problem:

1. Make Sukeban’s skirt shorter, kinda like Ryuko in Kill la Kill. I would prefer not to use this option as i like Sukeban’s design and personality as it is.

2. Sukeban’s skirt mysteriously rips soon into every fight. I’m guessing the readers will like this one.

3. I switch the focus of Sukeban’s fighting style more towards the Bat than the unarmed side. This way is not as relevant to make her do kicks and jumps and such. This is relatively simple to make, just writing a background of studying under a Dojo that uses Bokens, or outright a Kendo dojo.

I’ll probably use a combination of 2 and 3.

Also don’t expect the bat to be geometrically straight XD