First of, i made some tentative designs for some secondary characters. These may change for the final product since i’m still undecided in some of them. I’m more or less certain on the girl on the left tho, and i’ll probably pick the “over the shoulder” jacket design for the spaniard to not conflate with her.

Aside of that i have been making some research and found out there are more spanish martial arts than Keysi, but… they’re basically almost all the same kind of crap. Completely fake and useless martial arts that are incredibly cringe to watch.

There are a couple that fall into a more serious category but don’t fit too much. One is Destreza, which is a swordfighting martial art. Now the fights in Sukeban are gonna have some more freedom than sports fights; characters will be allowed to use a certain degree of non lethal weapons like sticks or sukeban’s bat. But a literal big ass sword may be a little too much.

Then there are a couple wrestling styles called Lucha Canaria and Lucha leonesa. Both arts seem to be virtually indistinguible from each other, and consist on grabbing each other’s pants and trying to throw the other to the ground to score a point. Not the most complex or exciting art. But it does give me some leeway in making Lucha Libre (or just Lucha) the martial art of the spaniard girl, since Lucha was already a thing in Spain before Mexico.

I also research Kali to maybe make her fight with a stick (it kinda also fits that she has a spanish knife), and it was kinda embarrassing to watch. Seems a martial art made for circus performance with little to no effectiveness in battle. I even watched a video from a master who inadvertently admits that what you learn in Kali has no use in a real knife fight XD

Still, it’s manga so i could just use the name as an excuse to make her fight with a stick with some good looking moves and that’s it.

So i guess the options would be Keysi, Kali, Lucha libre and Vale tudo. I’m decanting more for Lucha libre or Vale tudo at the moment, but it’ll probably depend if i can think of a cool special skill for any of them.

So let me know what you think