Some more update with some test to think what martial art assign to the spanish girl. I’ve rounded up several options with pros and cons.

-Keysi: The spanish martial art. Previously i mentioned how i would have to severely modify how the style looks because the real world keysi looks incredibly fucking retarded as is one of these fake martial arts that somehow get popular. I’ve tried a couple drawings here and it seems it will be even harder than i thought. I’ve tried a stance of her with her fist touching her forehead in substitution of whatever the fuck keysi stance is, but it doesn’t seem to translate well to drawing, it looks just like a normal boxing stance. I would have to work more on it.

Pros: It’s representative of the country as it is a martial art actually created in Spain, and the only one at that. It’s a striker martial art, which is better for a manga. The movements, though ineffective in a real fight, are quite characteristic, which would make her stand out from basically every other fighter. It has a lot of hammer hooks, elbow hits, knee hits. Many of the movements look stupid as fuck, but if i pick and choose the ones that don’t and make it Manga-over-the-top it may even look good.

Also not many people would get angry because the martial art is in total decadence and doesn’t seem to have more than a handful dojos, worldwide. It also gave me an idea for the special martial skill of the character. She could create vibrations when hitting those hammer hooks and such, and those vibrations into the body fuck up people from the inside.

Cons: It’s a fake martial art that looks incredibly retarded and ineffective, forcing me to work extra into trying to make it look valid and cool. There’s also almost nonexistent amount of material to research their movements so her moveset would be limited. Also i cringe every time i look at it, which is a serious Con. It’s also a little weird to make a main character use a practically dead martial art that was only known for a couple years because Batman used it. I don’t really know if this would play in my favor due to the novelty and not many ppl knowing if i’m doing it right, or would play against me for picking a bad martial art just because it’s spanish.

-Lucha libre: It’s a style typical of mexico, not Spain, but maybe i could get away with it for being “hispanic”

Pros: Very flashy style. It uses lots of grabs but not for ground submission like BJJ or wrestling, but rather dunking people into the floor with style. I could definitely work with that. Also it’s a very positive looking style which matches with her carefree and lousy demeanor. Visually speaking it really is a match. And everyone loves Luchadores.

Cons: Lucha libre is VERY distinctive of Mexico. I think ideally it would be better to reserve Lucha libre for a mexican character. However i have no idea right now if i would introduce a mexican luchador so maybe if i don’t use it for her, i won’t use it at all.

It has a lot of weird grabs, and grabs are a pain to draw to begin with.

It’s not even a martial art. Lucha libre is basically theatricals with some latin soap opera into it. It’s not really THAT much of an issue for a manga since i would just make everything over the top, but i would have prefer if at least the main trio used valid martial arts XD

I don’t have right now any idea for a special skill using Lucha libre. Not that much of an issue since i’m sure i’ll think of something. Or let me know if you have an idea for that.

-Vale tudo: It was invented in brazil in the 20s if i’m not mistaken. Again not a spanish art but maybe “hispanic” is enough of a conection.

Pros: The philosophy of vale tudo is “everything goes”. In practice this is not true and is basically just MMA with some different rules. But this is the common conception of vale tudo and that’s what i could use to make the character distinctive.

The “everything goes” mentality also fits her carefree demeanor.

There are so much variance in vale tudo i could basically do whatever the fuck i want as long as i maintain some signature moves or stances.

I could maybe also use the “vibration” skill of Keysi for this, although it’s not a perfect fit

Cons: Vale tudo is more a fighting category than a style. For what i have researched there are some Vale tudo dojos but they seem to be focused on making you win VT tournaments, and not in teaching a self created specific set of moves. Vale tudo fighters are in essence MMA fighters using different martial arts combined. There ARE some movements that seem more used than others and are kinda distinctive so i could use those. But i’m not sure if it would be valid to consider a martial art to use on a character.

Using this on the spaniard character would maybe create some overlap with Sukeban. Sukeban won’t have a special skill since most of what she knows comes from street fighting although she has a base of real martial arts, so she will be more like a “i use whatever to win”, like her bat or whatever she finds. This is per se already a kind of “vale tudo”, and would make them two; not a carbon copy; but definitely not that different. This is probably my biggest gripe with vale tudo right now.

Btw if you haven’t see me doing this stuff with Sukeban and Ojou-sama is because i already decided on those time ago. Sukeban uses Kyokushinkai Karate with no special skill. Ojou-sama uses american boxing and, well you’ll see her skill in the story. So that’s it let me know what you think about it.