This comic is depressing because right now it’s the comic i’m most interested in drawing and at the same time the one i have less time to draw.

The other comics i do like Corona-chan, Succubus-chan, triggerhappy; they’re infinite comics with no stablished ending nor publication time, i do random pages from time to time and there’s no rush to get to any point or ending. Monster girls on tour does have an ending, but it’s so far in time it will take another decade to get there, and when it started didn’t even have a story, it was also random pages.

Monster girls in Space tho, it’s a finite comic that i could finish in less than a year if i dedicated my time to it. But that’s the thing i don’t have: Time.

With so many comics and projects and patreon, and knowing MGoS is low on the interest that my followers have, i barely can scrap time to do a page a month, if any. But i think that when finished it’s gonna be my best work, so i want to keep doing it. But at this pace it will take me also a decade to do it. It’s fucking me up XD